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Nashua PAL Officer Ben and the PAL Youth Safe Haven Kids

Do you know 🥑??

Just a little #AvocadoLesson with Officer Ben. You should have heard the excitement when they picked a ripe one out!

#HealthyHabits #CopsAndKids #CopsKidsCommunity #EveryKidDeservesAPAL

Nashua Elk's Distinguished Citizen of the Year - Miss Jenn!

Congratulations to Nashua PAL's Miss Jenn Benoit for her Nashua Elks Lodge #720 Elks Distinguished Citizenship Award! She was honored for her "outstanding and meritorious service to humanity", and we couldn't agree more!

PAL Teen Leaders Update

The PAL Teen Leaders group has been busy this past month! We dropped off the care packages for Stepping Stones for youth battling homelessness, and had a great conversation with Nashua Division of Public Health & Community Services about identity.

📢 Read on for more details! 📢

The PAL teens were impressed by Stepping Stones' room filled with donations, and learned that when individuals served by Stepping Stones get an apartment, they can pick out essentials like plates, forks, cups, bedding, etc. right from Kathy for FREE.

For the Identity chat with Public Health, PAL teens thought about who they are and what makes them "them". They also talked about how to be allies for each other, especially those of another race, ability, or in the LGBTQIA+ community.

The teens said in order to support each other they need to:

  • Try new things
  • Be respectful
  • Donate to a charity of cause
  • Walk or do a fundraiser for support
  • Provide food, drinks, and support the way PAL supports people
  • Spread words of kindness
  • Become more educated on the topic

Fabulous February Vacation

Connecting Cops and Kids In Positive Activities

Thanks so much to Hudson K-9 Training Center for the demonstration and fun!

All the doggos helped make a few of the PAL kids a little more comfortable around k-9 friends, & Nashua PAL Police Officer Ben was only a *little* sore from the demonstration with the highly trained dogs 🐕🦺👮‍♂️

Check out this video and many more on Nashua PAL's YouTube Channel.

PAL Boxing Update

Nashua PAL Boxing Gym is proud of boxer, Christian Moura, for his hard work! He lost in the New England Golden Gloves 125lb open class finals.

Nashua PAL Force Registration is Open!

Stay Tuned for PAL Events

Have you checked out the Nashua PAL Events page lately? Lots happening!

"Celebrate Your PAL!"

What's the best way to introduce the completion of the Nashua PAL Youth Safe Haven's building renovation by Building on Hope? A collaboration between Nashua PAL, Positive Street Art, & The Expressive Movement in a fun and energetic dance-showcase! 

Link to YouTube video below if embedded link above doesn't work:

Featuring Nashua PAL staff & youth members, Nashua PD PAL Officer Ben Stusse and Lieutenant Camacho, The Expressive Movement team, DRok En Judo, and Samantha Oslord from Positive Street Art!

Directed & choreographed by Positive Street Art's Jeff Jean-philippe!

Check out Positive Street Art's inspiring mural outside on the elevator shaft titled: “Young Heroes”


Nashua PAL serves over 2,000 youth in Greater Nashua within 16 programs focused on Education, Activity, and Leadership.

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