J U N E   2 0 2 1   E D I T I O N

We know how to have fun in the sun!

The PAL Youth Safe Haven's Summer Experience program takes PAL members on field trips all over New England. Each PAL youth earns their spot on the bus through participation and positive activities. As you can see, we know how to have a good time!

Bagging the Butts

Did you know that cigarette butts take up to 10 years to decompose? The PAL kids did some community service to clean up the cigarette litter at Los Amigos Park as part of #BagtheButts2021 🚮

One PAL parent commented:

"God bless PAL for helping them have values and responsibilities. They are learning so much! ❤"

Celebrating Jenn's 11 Years with PAL

We are so grateful for Jenn and her unwavering dedication to PAL youth.

Miss Jenn (as the PAL kids call her) serves as PAL's Family Support Specialist. She grew up and raised her family in the Tree Streets, right near where the PAL Youth Safe Haven is located. Jenn's knowledge of the area and families is very beneficial to the PAL program and kids.

Read on for an example of Jenn's impact!

Jenn was walking to the store when she saw a PAL mom clearly in distress. Through the language barrier, Jenn was able to figure out that her daughter (a PAL member) hadn't gotten off the bus at the right stop. Jenn jumped into action and called the bus company for an update and plan. The PAL mom was relieved that Jenn could help her access the resources and give her support during the stressful time. Thankfully, the PAL kid was tracked down quickly and everyone had a big hug!

Have you seen Nashua PAL's Event Page lately?

Gate City Music Fest - August 27th

Featuring Cracker, Entrain, and Muddy Ruckus at Holman Stadium.


PAL's Night of Champions - September 16th

Join us for this fun night to honor outstanding PAL youth and community members!


Joyce Cooling & Heating's Charity Ride - September 25th

Joyce is hosting their 1st annual charity bike ride, and the employees choose Nashua PAL as their charity. We are so honored!

PAL St. Pat's Gym Improvements

The St. Pat's Gym has a brand new motorized divider for increase game capacity, and a newly resurfaced floor! Follow @PAL_gym on Twitter for all the updates on Open Gym time.

Connecting Cops and Kids In Positive Activities

Fishing with Officer Ben and Miss Jenn is a ton of fun!

From the Nashua PAL Officer's social media (@nashuapalofficer on FB and Instagram):

"Just as important for our kids to have positive interactions with our Peace Officers, it’s equally important for our Officer’s to have these moments too. Thank you Officer Walker for stopping by today during your patrol to celebrate with Adryanna for her first catch of the day."

PAL Force Football & Cheer Registration is Open! 

"Celebrate Your PAL!"

What's the best way to introduce the completion of the Nashua PAL Youth Safe Haven's building renovation by Building on Hope? A collaboration between Nashua PAL, Positive Street Art, & The Expressive Movement in a fun and energetic dance-showcase! 

Link to YouTube video below if embedded link above doesn't work:

Featuring Nashua PAL staff & youth members, Nashua PD PAL Officer Ben Stusse and Lieutenant Camacho, The Expressive Movement team, DRok En Judo, and Samantha Oslord from Positive Street Art!

Directed & choreographed by Positive Street Art's Jeff Jean-philippe!

Check out Positive Street Art's inspiring mural outside on the elevator shaft titled: “Young Heroes”


Nashua PAL serves over 2,000 youth in Greater Nashua within 16 programs focused on Education, Activity, and Leadership.

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